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Сервис жжшный LiveJournal Singles.

Hey, we can be a cheesy dating site too!

There are a dozen dating/match sites out there, but are there any communities as cool as LiveJournal’s? We realized it’d be trivial to tack some dating features onto the existing LiveJournal site, so here you go…

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Найди свою половинку.)
Почему-то открывая ссылку, ожидала движок на основе Мамбы.
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Disclaimer is not responsible for verifying that anybody you find or who finds you using this service isn't entirely psycho. (In all likelihood, they are.) So please, use your discretion in who you contact or meet up with in real life.

Че ж ты людям советуешь? Там ж говорят психов можно встретить )
Мишич, их можно встретить и в реальной жизни)